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Up Coming Events:

06th July Duffy Assembly 1.30pm

08th July School Matariki Evening

09th July Last Day Of School Term

26th Juy New Term begins

Matariki evening 8th of July 5-6.30pm here at Tainui Full Primary School. Cultural performances by all our tamariki at 5pm in school hall followed by a hangi kai at 5.30pm (Please check newsletter that went home for how you can help with kai donations for hangi)

All classrooms will be open from 5.30pm for whānau to view their children’s Matariki mahi & art work.

Matariki is a star cluster, not a constellation. 
When seen from Earth, the stars in a constellation appear to be close together in a pattern, but they might actually be far from each other. There are about 500 stars in the Matariki cluster, but only six or seven are visible without a telescope.

Our school Island themed disco was a huge success the tamariki thoroughly enjoyed their time dancing the night away, for some of our little people this was their first rodeo and they loved it! Thank you to our school ambassadors,staff & whānau for organising this for our children.

Bring on the next 1


Kia ora Tainui whānau with end of term nearing please come and check our lost property both here in the office and in the classrooms lots of shoes mufti gear etc. 

What a few busy weeks that our School Ambassadors have had.
To give you a better understanding of what leadership skills they are learning and displaying, below are some of the roles that they have all been involved in over the least few weeks.
Ambassadors have been busy running our whole school assemblies and doing an amazing job at this. This involves planning the event, speaking and hosting, and leading the younger students into the hall and all the time role modelling our Tainui Expectations.
Our Ambassadors attended a National Young Leaders Day in Hamilton where the theme was ’STRONGER TOGETHER’
They learnt about what makes a great leader. The speakers talked about how to overcome or work through fears, how to be resilient and to put yourself out there to be the best version of yourself.
Some quotes our Ambassadors came away with were
‘Build a dream and the dream will build you.’ ‘You have your own light to shine.’ ’Small words can inspire big actions.’ ‘Know your dream, know your team.’
It was an amazing day in which the students came away with some inspiring next steps to start to lead… NOW!
Next was the disco, where the Ambassadors had been planning for a while. A lot of hui and a lot of korero around the organisation and the parts each one had to play in order for it to be successful. And what a success it was for them as it was enjoyed by all who attended!

Last Friday we had a meeting with Mayor Jenny Shattock. The Ambassadors got to sit in the Council Chambers and they all looked very important! They asked Mayor some questions and were surprised to find out that she mountain bikes for fun and knits bonnets for babies in the New born unit in Waikato Hospital!
Some other questions (answers have been shortened).
Q: Who is Tokoroa?
A: We are a resilient town which will always be here. A big town with a big heart.
Q: Could we the youth have a bigger voice in the community?
A: Absolutely – a possible student council (this used to exist). You are our future!
Q: If we (Tainui students) could promote Tokoroa to the world via media / film would you be a part of it?
A: Yes! Let’s blow our trumpet to the world! Our community is diverse and caring – let’s share this!
After our hui with the Mayor, our Ambassadors have some exciting ideas ahead in which we will share with you the community soon. We have also been asked to attend the Citizenship Ceremony on a Friday! Exciting!
Thank you Mayor Jenny for taking the time to talk to our Ambassadors and for the kai and goodie bags. They really enjoyed it and were buzzing afterwards!
In two weeks our Ambassadors have the Matariki evening to host so they are busy planning again.
All of these opportunities allow our students to grow into confident, capable communicators of our school and community. They are making important connections to allow them to be citizens of our community and school.

Ngā Pēpī Manu-Transition to School

Kia ora, Kia Orana Talofa lava & greetings whānau,

Our Ngā Pēpī Manu programme supports your tamariki during their transition to primary school life. Every child adapts differently when finding a sense of belonging in new environments, all who are involved should make this a positive experience. We will work together to create a plan and timetable that will suit the needs of the child and family.

Our programme will run Monday to Thursday from 9am-1pm. The number of visits we recommend before starting school is six weeks. In the first three weeks visits will be two times a week and the last three weeks, visits will be three times a week. If there is a need for more visits to support the transition, that can be arranged. We look forward to meeting with you and working together to grow competent and confident children for our future.

Kia manuia



Tainui’s After School Care programme runs from

3:00 – 5:30pm Monday – Friday (During term time)

$4.50 per hour for the first child then $3.50 per hour for each additional sibling.

If this is something you are interested in please pop into the office and see one of our lovely office ladies for more information.


-Arts and crafts                                     -Movie days

-Outdoor sports                                    -Fun & exciting

-Team building activities                        -Oscar registered 

-Treat days


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