PB4L (positive behaviour for learning) – the Tainui way

Tainui is a PB4L school.  PB4L School-Wide looks at behaviour and learning from a whole-of-school as well as an individual child perspective. The framework is based on international evidence.
The Positive Behaviour for Learning School-Wide framework, otherwise known as PB4L School-Wide, is helping New Zealand schools build a culture where positive behaviour and learning is a way of life. The framework has been tailored to our own school’s environment and cultural needs.
It’s not about changing the students; it’s about changing the environment, systems and practices so that we support our tamariki to make positive behaviour choices.

The Tainui Way


Encourage Positive Behaviours

Positive behaviour can be learnt. A safe and caring environment that supports positive learning behaviour needs to be created.
Tips for success:
​you can’t do it alone – kia mahitahi, work (and learn) as a team

  • show children and young people you care, show that you believe in them, show that you trust them and play with them often
  • have high (and realistic) expectations for children and young people. They will rise to these
  • family and whānau usually know their children or young people best – involve them and you increase your chances of connecting with a child or young person children and young people don’t always know how to behave – you need to teach, regularly practice and positively reinforce the behaviour you want to see
  • provide the foundations for all children and young people to learn and succeed – make sure all of your school or systems support positive behaviour
  • remember the quiet ones – those who internalise their behaviour (e.g. withdraw or sulk) need the same positive attentions as those who externalise behaviour.

Info For Parents

No Tolerance for Bullying

At Tainui we are committed to taking a stand against bullying.  To do this we need to make sure we understand and define what bullying is, provide a safe and positive environment to prevent bullying occurring and respond to bullying behaviour if it occurs.  We have an expectation that students will report bullying and encourage students to feel comfortable doing this.  We also have structures and processes in place to reduce the likelihood of bullying occurring.
Here is our definition of what bullying is.

Ka Pai Pie

At Tainui, we encourage our tamariki to make the right choices because that is what effective Tainui Self Managers do.
Here is our Ka Pai Pie Chart which encourages the children to make the right choices.