Reporting to Parents/Whānau


Why report to parents and whānau?

​Schools report to parents and whānau for two key reasons.

  • Parents and whānau are key stakeholders in education and as such, they expect meaningful information about their child’s progress and achievement.
  • Parents, families, whānau, and the wider community have a valuable role to play in supporting their children’s learning at and beyond school.

At Tainui, we have a strong belief that involving parents/whānau in their child’s education is crucial.
We have scheduled times we report but you can make an appointment to discuss your child at any time you choose.
We only ask that if you feel you need longer than 5 minutes to discuss your child’s education then we encourage you to make an appointment so a class teacher can dedicate quality time.
There are many ways to communicate with your child’s classroom teacher:  email, phone call, Facebook, or face to face.

Our Scheduled Reporting Times:
Term 1 Whānau Picnic and Meet the Teacher
Term 2 Parent/Whānau Interviews

Written reports will go home at the end of Term 2 and Term 4

Mutukaroa Reporting will be scheduled within two weeks of the child’s 5, 6, 7 birthdays and after 5 1/2.
For more information on Mutukaroa click here:  A Great Start

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