Tokoroa Kahui Ako – CoL

To access further information, Tokoroa Kāhui Ako have a website – Check it out!

What is Tokoroa Kāhui Ako?

7 schools in Tokoroa have formed what is called the Community of Learning I Kāhui Ako. It’s about us working collaboratively together for the benefit of all our students, raising student achievement together, and designing an effective and meaningful pathway of learning ensuring that all our students are successful in the future when they do enter into the wider world.
We are so excited about what this can potentially do for all our students, teachers, parents/whanau, and the wider community.
What comes with being a part of this initiative is resourcing for our schools. 

Our Tokoroa Kāhui Ako principals begun the journey of collaboration in 2017 and with the appointment of the lead principal Tania Morrison in Term 4, 2017 has meant, we have continued building trust and structures to enable a purposeful sharing of our knowledge, expertise and resources. 

What is still important to us is that each school keeps their uniqueness and autonomy, it is not about schools being a clone of each other. This is about making it easier for each school to learn about the great things that are happening within their own settings and within other schools to help each school determine what might be of benefit for their students. This is about taking the best of what others might be doing to enhance our own unique autonomy with a focus on what is best for the students.
The end game is to support each other to lift student achievement community-wide. 

In November 2018 we had our achievement challenges endorsed by the Secretary of Education Iona Holsted.
This means that we begin our high-level impact planning to meet the needs of our Tokoroa students.
At this time we are in the process of appointing Across School Teachers and Within School Teachers.
We will keep you updated as we progress further.
​Feel free to read our Achievement Challenges proposal.


Schools/Principals Involved

Forest View High, Jocelyn Hale
Tokoroa Intermediate, Suzanne Mariassoucé
Amisfield, Gareth Gilmour
Strathmore, Jason Wright
Tokoroa Central, Debbie Follas
Mangakino Full Primary
Tainui Full Primary, Haydn Wright