School Uniform

Tainui Full Primary Uniform Policy

Tainui Full Primary has a compulsory school uniform.

We believe that having a school uniform assists the children and community to develop a sense of identity with, and pride for their school.  It also assists with the development of the Tainui Full Primary School Expectations – Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Excellence.

All items can only be ordered from the School Office.  In most cases it will take 48 hours for the items to be delivered to school.  We will have order days every two weeks for the first term and less thereafter.

Prices for the Uniform

For Boys and Girls

Hats with the logo (Compulsory in Terms 1 and 4).

Polo shirt

Polo Fleece (can choose to wear the fleece or the jacket or both)


$15-20 (depending on size)
Shorts (can wear these all year round if you choose too).


These items should be majority black in colour and can be purchased anywhere.
Black socks
Black shoes
Black sandals

For Girls
Skort – is a pair of shorts with a fabric panel resembling a skirt covering the front.
The skort can be worn all year round – in the winter the girls can choose to put black tights under the skort.  They also have the choice of wearing uniform pants or uniform shorts.