Who Are We?

Ko wai tātou? Who are we?  Ko Tainui mātou!  We are Tainui!

Tainui Full Primary caters for Year 1-8 in the southwest area of Tokoroa. We are a family orientated school.  It’s important to us that we provide an environment that is not only attractive but also safe for all our learners.

Tainui Full Primary School is developing strong home-school partnerships where our parents and whanau feel empowered and involved in their child’s education. 

We have a set of core expectations, which is known as the Tainui Way: 

Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Excellence. 

These are embedded in everything we do.  We live and breathe the Tainui Way.

Regardless of ability, gender, race and personal circumstances we believe in setting up our children for success and that means providing the best opportunities we can so every child can reach their full potential.

We provide a balanced and engaging curriculum for our learners. 

A curriculum that caters for individual needs.